images- 3A virtual directory server may also supply realtime merging and joining options which enable administrators presenting numerous views simply or single enterprise view of existing Data all over the multiple directories for example Sun Directory server. It may offer fast and easy Information transformation and visualization with a really user-friendly configuration or interface. There are many joining and merging alternatives that a virtual directory can provide. The very first is union mode that provides a mixture or assortment of objects in the connected directory sources. The last option is OP or object precedence mode which offers an authoritative order at directory level.

The third alternative is known as AP or Attribute Precedence Mode that offers a unified view of information from internal and external directory. The capabilities of virtual directory besides supplying LDAP firewall and proxy to numerous stores of web data incorporate building a single enterprise view of data all along the siloed directories. It also presents an alternative view on the Data around the basis of application-by-application. Moreover, it enables many different having access to Data or rights with an application to application basis. Another remarkable capability it offers will it be can transform, unify and map Information from distinct LDAP directories with a virtual namespace or name.

Utilizing a virtual directory server with LDAP firewall and proxy capabilities allow Information security. Firstly, LDAP proxy provides a secure environment for your Data that’ll only encourage the Data being searched for being shown to the user. A firewall function however will allow the protection for denial of service or DoS that’s the inaccessibility or unavailability on the Data being searched for through the user. All these functions when combined together can supply treatment for the most popular problems faced by today’s organizations and corporations.

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