Simply because they think it is a crucial practice within their day-to-day operations, numerous organizations and companies are using several directory services within their environments. Such directory services include Active Directory forests and domains. Although they’ve served their purpose nicely, the downside is it generally brings about scattering of identity info across the different directory repositories they have. This can lead to a huge challenge, especially when deploying enterprise applications to users in those directories. But this matter can be addressed if you utilize a VDS or virtual directory serve, specifically, a Virtual Identity Server.

Now how does a Virtual Identity Server solve this problem? Basically, it provides a single merged view of internet data that derives from the various directories deployed inside your organization. All of the applications connect to the Virtual Identity Server specifically the way they would in any typical LDAP directory. It even looks and works just as standard AD or ADAM server to LDAP enabled client application. There are various benefits with utilizing virtual directory and at least one is the fact several directories is usually joined simply as well as in real time, without having requiring someone to duplicate the contents as part of your LDAP.

A Virtual Identity Server is effective at merging and joining Data from other LDAP directories which incorporate Sun and eDirectory. It can also offer functionality towards Data from SQL databases. A Virtual Identity Server has a lot of features and functionalities which equate to providing an incredible quantity of advantages to those who use it. There is a vast choice of virtual directory servers available for sale Today, making it essential to examine most of its functions 1st to know what it could do to suit your needs and the sort of rewards you possibly can reap by reviewing the use.

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