2LDAP proxy is a lightweight, potent proxy server which acts to be a middleware layer involving the LDAP directory servers and LDAP customers for failover, load balancing, consolidated auditing and more. Several companies take advantage of this being a separate program though the employment of the Virtual Identity Server they are able to convey more than the functions of an LDAP proxy and consolidate the results coming from several databases and sources.

That has a Virtual Identity Server, the impression with the Data coming at a single source is realized, meaning that users searching the data won’t realize its actually coming from distinct sources. Aside from that, it offers details in a instant because of the proven fact that the information are coming from your single source. For LDAP proxy, a Virtual Identity Server means that the net environment is protected against any security threat that might have devastating effects for the operations of any company. Furthermore function, a Virtual Identity Server also helps with LDAP migration.

Some businesses utilizing directory servers such as the Sun Directory have needed to migrate to a different LDAP platform, rapidly and efficiently. In the past, the process of migrating from a preexisting directory to another one was previously complicated but with a Virtual Identity Server the process is allowed to happen quicker. A Virtual Identity Server is sold with unique functions that enable it to make certain the entire process of moving from other former directory into a new one.

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