World connection in blueA good virtual directory is one that may offer further OOB authentication methods of 2-factor ADFS. They include the basic or standard forms of ADFS authentication, SSO to and from other systems of identity management, Windows Integrated Authentication and there are others. This means you can perform authentication utilizing both fundamental and advanced methods, dependant upon the requirements of your enterprise or what suits you Best. Additionally, OOB support for 2-factor ADFS authentication enables you to incorporate with any 2-factor solution.

It adds further security, prevention of Denial of Service ADFS and ADFS auditing. A virtual Identity server for federation service provides powerful DoS prevention capabilities for Active Directory Federation Service. During federation implementation, your AD is exposed or in danger of an attack called Denial of Service. A virtual Identity server for federation service can secure the user accounts as part of your Active Directory because it also acts being a cloud firewall, preventing the accounts from being locked out or inaccessible towards the users. It may also supply detailed and total ADFS auditing to provide a notion of who authenticated, with what claims and if it is completed.

Looking for the suitable virtual directory server is one of the initial issues to accomplish to be able to acquire every one of these benefits and features like ADFS authentication and prevention of DoS ADFS. Unique virtual directory servers have number of services to supply and your choice of server depends upon the requirements of your business. There are virtual directory services available in the market that provide comprehensive lists of benefits and features which will address the concerns, problems and challenges faced by your company.

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